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How to Fix a Sand Filter Multiport Valve?

  1. Leaking around the outside of the top it may be the cover o-ring (6) that needs replaced.
  2. Water is leaking from the backwash line / port then it is usually the spider gasket (8) that needs replaced, sometimes the spider gasket (8) and the rotor (4) are one part.  
  3. If however it is leaking up the stem through the center you will need to replace 2 orings (2), handle washer (3) and valve washer (10)
  4. It may also be leaking from the barrel union and normally you can purchase the barrel union oring separately but seen in picture below as part of the barrel union set (16)




Spider Gasket Replacement for Sand Filter Multiport Valves (MPV)

It is important that your valve on top of your Sand Filter operates easily and properly, every 5-10 years, the spider gasket will need to be replaced. 

If your losing water a worn gasket in the valve may be the source of the leak, check your backwash line for leaks.

Check the spider gasket by removing the top of the filter.  

  1. First turn the pump off, and release all pressure from system

  2. Place the selector handle at the "winterise" position

  3. Remove the screws from the lid (1) and lift off by the handle

  4. Remove old gasket (8), if it has been glued in remove all remaining glue with a small screwdriver and clean the groove completely or the new gasket will not seal.

  5. There are differing thoughts when it comes to glueing the gasket in if you do decide to use a gasket glue, use very sparingly place tiny dabs of superglue or silicone (or any gasket adhesive), into the grooves.

  6. Minimum cure time is 2 hours. Curing for 24 hours is recommended for full strength.


Replacing the Key Assembly

An easy way to fix problems with the handle, lid or rotor is to replace the whole top assembly, as it is already assembled you just need to remove the cover screws and pop the new one in place.



Replacing a Multiport Valve: 

If your valve has a valve body that is cracked or has a number of problems then you can just replace the complete Multiport Valve (MPV).